Skin Cancer

Skin cancer surgery

Although there are many nonsurgical treatment options available for certain types of skin cancer such as photodynamic therapy or imiquimod cream, surgery remain the treatment of choice for many types of skin cancer.

Our dermatologists are excellent in diagnosis of skin cancers and providing the most up to date evidence based treatment options based on individual patient’s need. We are also highly experienced in performing skin cancer surgery while limiting functional and cosmetic impact of excisional scar (which are inevitable during surgery). We also offer specialist post-operative management including laser therapy which can significantly minimize the lasting impact of scars.

Our dermatologist can provide a comprehensive service for skin cancer management. We also work in close collaboration with other specialists involved in skin cancer management and are always happy to refer to them for ongoing care if you preferred.

Is surgery needed?
Reasons why surgery might be preferred

Regular self-skin examination is a very important compliment to formal skin checks. Features on the skin to look out for are:

  • Type of skin cancer: All melanoma, higher risk basal cell carcinoma (morpheic, sclerosing, recurrent) and almost all squamous cell carcinomas are unsuitable for non-surgical treatments. Most of them require excisional surgery to ensure complete removal of cancerous cells.
  • Highest cure rate: Excision has a higher cure rate than non-surgical treatments. Even when non-surgical options are suitable for certain low risk skin cancers, many people will opt for surgical treatment despite the risk and complications associated with surgery.
  • Convenience: Most surgeries can be completed in a single appointment with external stitches (if needed), which are removed in 5-14 days’ time. Non-surgical treatments usually require multiple appointments with ongoing treatments during each consultation.
  • Cost: Excision is usually better reimbursed by Medicare, which means less out-of-pocket cost.

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